Space: 1999 (1975)
Metal prop key

A metal prop key used in Space: 1999, in the first episode, 'Breakaway'. Unfortunately this scene never made it to the final cut and the key is not shown on screen. The actual control console (sans key) is in mid-frame as we see the moonbuggy entering the disposal area but then remains out of sight during rest of the NDA2/Laser Barrier sequence. This photo appears in the Blu-ray edition extras. [PSoL]

I would like to thank Paul Stankevitch who kindly provided the screen-grabs and to Jorge Carmo, who runs the Facebook group "Grupo dos putos que viam o Espaço: 1999", and makes fans of Space: 1999 feel at home.

A fantastic picture, with director Lee H. Katzin (wearing the scarf).

The prop also appears in card #12 of the 1976 Donruss bubble gum card collection.
Again, thank you Paul Stankevitch!

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