Space: 1999 (1975)
Brian Johnson's Final Shooting Script for "One Second of Humanity"

Signature and script number are intentionally blurred.
The original is just fine.
Nick Allder (left) and Brian Johnson (right) prepare an Eagle.

This is Brian Johnson's personal copy of the second series episode of "Space: 1999", at this point called "One Second of Humanity". In the end, the title was changed to "One Moment of Humanity". The script, dated February 12th, 1976, was written by Tony Barwick, and has white, yellow, blue and pink pages, with many hand-written anotations, from location changes to dialogue changes. It is also signed by Brian Johnson. This set also includes a second unit scene breakdown with pencil drawings/storyboards for filming a particular scene. Acquired privately, with detailed provenance.

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