The X-Files (1993)
"Die Bug Die" spray can

A faux bug spray can used in the hit sci-fi television series "The X-Files" (1993-2002) in the Season 3 episode entitled "War of the Coprophages" which first aired January 5, 1995. This green plastic bottle was made to look like an aerosol can with a specially printed label which reads "Die! Bug Die!". The spray can features prominently in the convenience store and Dr. Eckerle sequences of the episode in which the town of Millers Grove is over run with killer cockroaches.

[...] Mulder gets out of the car. Doctor Eckerle peers out of his window through his blinds, frightened, breathing heavily. Outside his window, he sees rows of dung sitting on long tables, cockroaches crawling over them and chirping. He sits down and clutches the can of bug spray to his chest. He looks at a cockroach sitting on the desk and sprays it with the "Die! Bug! Die!". The bug is immune to the spray and crawls down the desk. Eckerle keeps spraying at it, almost crying. He throws the can at the desk. [...]

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