Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Claudia Doll

From the lavish 1994 hit film "Interview with the Vampire", starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt comes this prop Doll made for the leading character Claudia, brilliantly portrayed by a very young Kirsten Dunst.

A main thread within the film's storyline is that Claudia collects Dolls, starting with visiting a Doll maker's shop, only to end up killing the owner in order to obtain the Dolls she wants. Additionally LeStat (Tom Cruise) gifts her a Doll on each of her many Birthdays although being a child vampire, she never gets physically older.

This is one of the Dolls individually hand crafted for the production. Beautifully made with accurately detailed period costume, composite body and hand painted detail. [PM]

From the joint collection of Nuno Miranda and Vera Assunção.


  1. Really amazing the pictures you shared about that reminds me my past thanks for sharing i had also Watch online poster and videos on YouTube that are also really gorgeous..!


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