Florbela (2012)
Apeles' aviator wings

This is a very special pair of aviator wings. They were used in the 2012 film by Vicente Alves do Ó, "Florbela", about four days in the life of the famous Portuguese poetess, Florbela Espanca, starring Dalila Carmo as Florbela, Ivo Canelas as Apeles, and Albano Jerónimo as Mário. The wings were used by one of the main characters, Apeles, on nearly the whole film. But they were also used by me as an aviation officer, in a scene I appear in. So these are oh-so-special, as it's my own prop! :)

They were a gift from the director, Vicente Alves do Ó.

Here it is used by me :)

And here by Ivo Canelas as Apeles.

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