Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Storyboards AC1 to AC102D for the 'Zeppelin' Sequence

These are the early storyboards for the "Zeppelin" sequence, beginning as Indy and Dr. Jones leave the Zeppelin and ends with the enemy plane crashing on the beach because of the birds. There is a number of different sequences from the finished film and, especially, these storyboards are very different from those shown in the book "The Star Wars Archives". You can compare the lower image from the list from that shown on page  188 (in the book, you can read in the lower right corner of the board "Was AC66", which is this one). As usual for LucasFilm, all the pages are numbered, so that the production knows who the materials were given to, so that they can later be collected. The number was  blurred for these photos.

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