The Shadow (1994)
The Shadow Costume

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
The Shadow knows!

This is the Lamont Cranston/The Shadow (Alec Baldwin) costume, created by Bob Ringwood for the 1994 film The Shadow. Based on the 1930's comic strip, this updated version starred Alec Baldwin in the title role as The Shadow. This is the Pants, Cape, and Jacket and attached red scarf that was the signature look for the Dark hero. The Jacket and cape and pants appear to be made from a polyester blend. Also included is his 16” (41cm) wide brimmed hat that completed his eerie hero persona with Baldwin written on masking tape on the inside. This costume is in good condition and was tailor made to fit the 6 foot tall actor. [PSoL]

In November 2009, the site made a list of "The Coolest Super-hero Costumes of All Time", and the Shadow costume came in 7th of 20, ahead of such legends as The Phantom, The Rocketeer, Wolverine , Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange: 

"I was concerned as to how far into the pulp hero world I should go back, while still keeping the term, superhero. Green Hornet, for example, has a fun costume but nothing so brilliant about it to deserve “all time best” recognition. The Shadow, however, has one of the most simple and effective outfits out there, and deserves praise. Brad pointed out that The Shadow is pretty much just dressed as a cowboy, but damnit if The Shadow ain’t the sexiest spooky cowboy the world has ever seen. The red scarf over his face is a simple mask, while his black clothing accented with a red interior to his cape, make him pretty damn awesome. Check out the very underrated Shadow movie starring Alec Baldwin to see how cool the costume can really be."

Below is "Behind the Cloak", a great article about Bob Ringwood's designs for "The Shadow". It appeared in "The Shadow - Official Movie Magazine" from 1994. Please click on the images to enlarge.

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