Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
"Encounter at Farpoint", call sheet and production report for day 3 (June 2, 1987) and PR for May 28

Call sheet for the 3rd day of shooting (20) of the 2-hour pilot episode, dated June 2, 1987. All the main crew had scenes today, including DeForest kelley, and were mostly on the holodeck. [MB]

Daily Production Report for June 2nd. We can see that only the holodeck scenes were shot, and that the planned scenes in the corridor and transporter were not. 4:21 minutes were filmed this day.

Production report for Thursday, May 28, 1987, the second day of shooting. All day was spent on rehearsals. There was a makeup test for DeForest Kelly and wardrobe fittings for everyone. Corey Allen, the director, injured his ankle during a location survey at Griffith Park. [MB]

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