Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
"For Eyes Only" PADD

A PADD used in the TV series Star Trek Deep Space Nine, in the 6th season episode "Behind the Lines". Admiral William Ross hands the PADD to Captain Sisko, for it contains top secret information about a massive sensor array near the Argolis Cluster.

This grey coloured prop has a metallic finish. There is a large display area at the top with a paper insert for a screen. It has the Starfleet logo in the centre and the words ‘For Eyes Only’ in red. The PADD also has a hologram strip along the middle with green and red stickers overlaid. On the back is a brown label with a specific number.

Originally purchased as being from The Next Generation, only spotted it only recently in this episode of Deep Space Nine. As was the case with most Star Trek props, this PADD was most likely used in several episodes of both series, for the screen portion could be easily exchanged with another. What makes is distinctive are the middle and lower portions of the PADD, which remain the same, regardless of the screen. [PSoL]

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