The Adventures of Captain Fabian (1951)
Costume used by Vincent Price

This is the costume used by Vincent Price as George Brissac in the 1951 production of "The Adventures of Captain Fabian", also starring Errol Flynn and Agnes Moorehead. The film was written by Flynn himself and directed by William Marshall (and Robert Florey, although he is uncredited).

Price wears this costume throughout most of the film, probably due to the low budget of the production. The film was filmed in France and distributed in the USA by Republic.

In "The Errol Flynn Blog" there is an extensive article about the film, including this:
"The production also had problems with the costumes. Making those for the male actors in France would have taken too long, so they were finally ordered from Britain. The search for doubles for the unusually tall gentlemen Flynn and Price was diffcult as well: in the end, blocks of wood had to be put under the feet of the doubles…"

I was very lucky to be able to screen match the costume, down to the details. It was purchased as being from an "unknown production" at a Bonhams, UK, auction. The costume had suffered some changes, mainly the shortening of the cuffs, removal of buttons on the front, sides and back and the hem at the front was "rounded out" where it had been straight.

Hoping to find a better copy of this extremely elusive film, in order to obtain better screen-captures.

The lobby card was colorized and the coat appears blue.
Price was shorted his salary and ended up successfully suing his producers and costar.
If you want to know more about Vincent Price, you will enjoy The Vincent Price Exhibit website, from where I swiped these last three pictures.

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