Babylon 5 (TV, 1994-1998)
Crusade (TV, 1999)

Babylon 5 Security/Mars Police Duty Uniform

This is an Babylon 5 Security/Mars Police duty uniform used in the TV series Babylon 5 and its spinoff Crusade. This uniform was used initially in Seasons 1-3 of Babylon 5, and then was repurposed for Mars Police in Crusade, where the chest and shoulder insignia were changed. The shoulder boards which were fastened with velcro were removed for the cleaning of the costumes and never returned to the production. [PP/BLP]

The uniform, as used in Babylon 5. Notice the different chest insignia.
Another use of the uniform in Babylon 5
Here, as used in by Mars Police in the "Running from the Tomb" episode of Crusade.

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