Star Trek: Generations (1994)
Starfleet Uniform used by Kerry Hoyt

Hoyt is probably the crewmember behind Data.

This costume was used by Kerry Hoyt in Star Trek: Generations and possibly the regular Star Trek: The Next Generation series. It includes a combadge. Costume design by Robert Blackman. [PSoL]

New uniforms were designed and made for the movie Star Trek Generations, but were abandoned at the last minute. Nonetheless, Playmates launched a number of action figures, wearing these planned uniforms. Generations has the crew wearing both TNG and DS9/VOY uniforms, sometimes in the same scene (for instance, Worf and Riker in the battle against the Duras Sisters' Bird of Prey or Data and Geordi scanning the Amargosa Observatory for trilithium). As the movie progresses, some characters change from old to new uniform designs but also back again (such as Captain Picard in the film's final scene). This would act as an introduction of the new design as standard shipboard wear for Star Trek: Voyager. The new style combadge (with the gold oval background of the TNG combage replaced by a rectangular gold background with a cutout in the center) was also introduced for all uniform types, and subsequently adopted for DS9 at the beginning of its third season.
(From Wikipedia)

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