Space: 1999 (1975)
Peter Cushing's own script for "Missing Link"

(A particular cover detail was blurred to avoid duplication)

An 88 page script for the "Missing Link" episode of the classic science fiction television series "Space:1999" consisting only of those scenes in which Peter Cushing appears. Signed by Peter Cushing on the title page. With Cushing’s very extensive handwritten annotations and notes throughout. One page is an elaborate hand-drawn production chart in which Cushing shows the days he worked and how much he received for the role. The script came from Peter Cushing's own library.

Cushing plays “Raan” from the planet Zenno, 5 million light years from Earth, who encounters the colonists. Raan is 508 years old, and Zennites have a life span 10 times longer than the inhabitants of earth.

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