Outland (1981)
Production archive

These are various materials from the production of the 1981 Peter Hyams classic, Outland. [RP]

 Revised script, dated January 15, 1980, by Peter Hyams.
Complete Shooting Schedule, revised 15.1.80, from pre-production to the models, 66 pages.

 Provisional Model Schedule including plates, for 11 weeks, 6 pages.

Model Shooting call sheets #1-26. May19, 1980 to June 25, 1980.

Cost Sheet, dated May 2, 1980. Includes all costs "Below the line" for the production.
Is followed by:
Call sheets A & B (Tests), (June 2nd and 17th, 1980)
Call Sheets Video 1 & Video 2, (June 18th & 19th, 1980)
Call Sheet No. 1 (June 23rd, 1980)
Call Sheet No. 3 (June 25th, 1980)
and, finally...
The "Above the line" cost sheet for Story and script, Producer/Director fees, Principal Artistes. This lists how much everyone was paid (yes, screenwriters are always the least paid, but in this case it was also Hyams) and the total cost for the production.

Unit List (15 pages) listing the telehone numbers and addresses of everyone in the production. (19.5.80)

A bound folder, which I assume was for the press, containing all kinds of information about the production, from a description of the moon of Jupiter, cast list, credits, production notes and various art6icles and interviews.

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