Space: 1999 (1975)
Rough Storyboards for "The Last Sunset"

These are rough storyboards for the first season episode of "Space: 1999", "The Last Sunset". The shots seem to be out of order and there are many SFX shots between these, but this could have been the order in which they were filmed. Except for the first page, which is a photocopy with felt pen with hand-made checkmarks, they were hand-drawn in black marker by Brian Johnson, special effects director of the series, and came from his collection. The fifth and last page, seen below, concerns Eagle manoevres and details the probe's approach to the Eagle before latching on to it, and sports hand-drawn orange marker over a storyboard copy. These are extremely rare storyboards, and it is the first time they have been seen outside filming.

You may also enjoy these props from the collection:

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