Van Helsing (2004)
Dracula's Costume

This costume was worn by Richard Roxburgh on screen as "Count Vladislaus Dracula". It includes jacket, vest, shirt, gloves, earrings, suspenders and hair pins.

It was created by the legendary Atelier Tirelli for the film. A design by Osca-winner Gabriella Pescucci, the costumes were nominated for the 2005 Saturn Award for "Best Costumes" and the 2005 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists for "Best Costume Design".

Jacket - The jacket has a costume tag with "Richard Roxburgh" "hanging" written on it. This jacket was used for the scenes when he was walking up-side down. The jacket is in very good screen used condition.

Vest - The vest has a costume tag with "stunt harness" written on it. The vest is in very good condition.

Shirt - The shirt has a costume tag with "Richard Roxburgh" faintly written on it. The shirt is in very good condition.

Gloves - The black leather gloves are in great screen used condition.

Earrings - The earnings need to be cleaned as one is tarnished some. Dracula wears these earnings in every scene in
the film, and are an essential component to his costume.

Suspenders & Hair Pins - The suspenders are in perfect condition. And the hair pins are in various states of condition.

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