Masque of the Red Death (1964)
Production Archive

This is a collection of production paperwork for the great 1964 Vincent Price film, directed by Roger Corman.

Annotated shooting script
This script is heavily annotated by Peter Price (Assistant Director) and includes pink revision pages, where the script was changed.

Cast List (Part 1.)
Dated November 12, 1963. Includes the main cast names, the characters played and agent address information. 2 pages. I have two, so one of them could be up for trade.

Cast List (Part 2.)
Dated November 18, 1963. Includes the secondary cast names, the characters played and agent address information. 3 pages. This copy had Peter Price's name on the upper right corner.

Elstree Studios Inter-Departmental Communication Dated November 15, 1963.
From Peter Price (Assistant Director) to W.A. Osborne (Property Department), regarding some props for Masque requested by the Choreographer. Although it is a carbon copy, is signed in pen by Peter Price.

Breakdown of Sets
No date. A set list for the various stages, and a breakdown of the characters, special effects and props to be used in the various scenes. 33 pages.

Call Sheet No. 26
For Thursday, December 19, 1963.

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