Otherworld (1985)
Praetor Tunic

This is a Zone Trooper tunic worn in the rare 1985 TV series Otherworld. The tunic can be seen throughout the series’ limited run as the Sterling family find themselves in a parallel universe called Thel which is policed by ruthless Zone Troopers. This tunic features snap and zipper closures on the front, as well as fierce shoulder pads, four pockets on front, and two insignias on the collar. This rare costume piece comes from a cult series which is now nearly impossible to find.

This particular uniform was worn by Peter Bromilow as "Praetor" in three episodes (as listed on IMDB). The tunic's shoulder insignia have have four "pips", making it very distinctive and different from the other tunics worn in the series, and are found on only one character. The screen captures below are taken from awful VHS rips, hence their rather poor quality. [PSoL]

Although extremely short-lived, with only eight episodes, the series has had a strong fan following. You can find a lot more information on the series in the fan site www.otherworldonline.com.

 From episode 4, "Rock and Roll Suicide".
Peter Bromilow as "Praetor" in episode 1, "Rules of Attraction".

The Sterling family in a publicity shot.

Further info: Wikipedia or IMDB.

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