Lost (2004-2010)
The Dharma Initiative Beer Can

This is a can of Dharma Beer from the popular TV series Lost. This style of beer can be seen throughout the series as workers of The Dharma Initiative eat and use only food and products made by Dharma. One of the early appearances of the beer is inside the van when Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, and Charlie attempt to get a found Dharma VW bus to run again.

The unopened, empty can features the same plain design as the other Dharma products: white with black labeling. The can reads: “Dharma Initiative Beer” along with the instantly recognizable logo, and even a barcode and Surgeon General’s warning on the side. The can has four holes punched out of the bottom to empty the contents and make it much lighter, while still appearing to be full. [PSoL]

Code on beer can was intentinally blurred, the original is fine.

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