Space: 1999 (1975)
Original colour storyboards for "Devil's Planet"

These special effects storyboards were drawn for the episode "Devil's Planet", the 22nd episode of Series 2 of "Space: 1999". At the start of the series they were drawn by Brian Johnson and Cyril Forster, but as Brian became busier Cyril took over most of the work. These are original hand-drawn images in different color markers and are exceedingly rare, and I know of only five others surviving examples (for "The Immunity Syndrome", see below). This one came directly from Brian Johnson.

The drawings/ description are either in pairs, on pieces of paper 32.5cm x 20.5cm (approx.), laid out in landscape format or a single 16.5cm X 20.5cm (approx.) portrait format eg: one of the big pieces cut in half, They are not regular A4 or A5. The drawings are then stuck to one large piece of black cartridge type paper and slid into a big ArtCare slip. The whole thing is approx. 85cm x 61.5cm.

The individual sheets of paper that the paintings/directions are executed upon are photocopied blanks with spaces to enter the story, scene and slate number. There's a bordered space for the picture and below it space for the "remarks" eg: direction/ description of the shot, plus "space sky" and "planet ext" to be crossed through as required. The "remarks" below the pictures, quoted below, are mostly reproduced from the script.

As a shot was completed a big cross was put over the relevant picture with a chinagraph (grease) pencil. The crossings out are still present and as they are on the plastic slip the drawings are unaffected. The picture for Slate 3X has a small inked stamp on its bottom right corner :

Date................................................... (Alas not filled in)

(This text was adapted from the description of another example, for "The Immunity Syndrome", in the definitive "Space: 1999" reference website, The Catacombs.)

Here is Brian Johnson with another set of storyboards.

You may also enjoy these props from the collection:

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