The Hours (2002)
Prop books

A pair of prop books used in the Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore Oscar winning movie The Hours. These books have specially printed dust jackets which feature photographs of the ‘author’ Ed Harris. The first book is called ‘The Goodness Of Time’ by Richard Brown. This can be seen as Jeff Daniels and Meryl Streep are  talking in her kitchen, Daniels picks up, flicks through and then tosses away the book. The second book is called ‘Working Conditions - a collection of poems’ again by Richard Brown (Ed Harris). This prop can be seen after the characters death, it features in a memorial display next to a photo of the actor and again on the poster above the memorial. Both these covers are prop made with genuine books inside them (‘From the Corner Of His Eye’  by Dean Koontz and ‘Kubrick’ by Michael Herr). These books are part of the Vicente do Ó collection. [PSoL]

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