V (1983)
Visitor vest and jumpsuit

This is a visitor uniform complete with vest and jumpsuit from the 1983 classic science fiction series V. Items such as this can be seen in multiple episodes as aliens come to Earth to ask for our help, with sinister ulterior motives in mind. The jumpsuit is dark orange in color and is made of 100% cotton with a six button opening in front. It contains six pockets in front and three pockets in back, all of which are sewn shut. The dark orange vest is made up of cotton on the outside with a burgundy satin liner inside, has two belt loops in front, two in back, and a three piece velcro opening in the front. Best of all, the vest still has the original visitor insignias; one patch located on the upper left side, the second is a smaller patch on the left side of the collar. [PSoL]

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